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Audio/Video Design • Graphics/WebDev

Welcome to FranLand


Franland Dot Net is the online portal for Fran Lehmann, an audio/video producer, graphic designer, and multimedia web developer on the North Shore of Lake Travis, TX. (Austin Metro) 

Fran spent 35 years as a top-rated radio host and award-winning writer/producer in Hollywood and San Francisco, developing content for everyone from AC-DC to ZZ Top. She also spent many years as a production engineer on the legendary "American Top 40 with Casey Kasem", the most widely syndicated radio show of all time! During these years she also worked extensively in the field of video production, developing skill-sets from conceptualization, composition, crew assembly, and talent direction, to sound, lights, and all facets of digital post-production and compression for delivery on all platforms from broadcast to stream to disc.

In 2005 she returned to college to learn how to take a lifetime of audio/video production and apply it to the then burgeoning new world of online streaming media development. Afterward, she left radio and began a second career as a corporate multimedia web developer for a Silicon Valley based hi-tech, multinational corporation with 72 offices on four continents!

In 2008 she moved to a small village in the beautiful Texas Hill Country about 30 minutes Northwest of Austin where over the years she has become considered by some as the "go-to" person for multimedia production, graphic design, and web development. In 2015 she was engaged by the City of Lago Vista to build and run the town radio station, LagoRadio, which could be heard on-air at 1670AM, and around the world online at


In 2010 she began a nine-year run mixing the hard-charging  Praise Band at the largest church in town, and another five years as the sound tech for an 80 Voice Choir in the local, state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center. She has developed content for almost every church in town, built numerous websites for local merchants, and even ran the local Senior Center for a few years. (her primary charitable interests being at-risk seniors and animals)

She recently designed and built an all-new audio/video/web package for Austin's oldest continuously operating black church 
(est 1865!) Featuring five UHD/4K cameras, four of which are remotely operated PTZs, plus a fully digital 32-channel audio platform with professional stage lighting and greenscreen capability. She currently serves as the church's Media Director. []  *  

Fran remains active in the local municipal, non-profit, and theatre arts community, and after having been raised in New York City and spending ten years in Hollywood followed by 24 in San Francisco, she loves her little village of 8000 people with two traffic lights. Having morphed from firebreathing, west-coast, FM rockradio killer, to making fudge for church fundraisers, Fran is a small town Texas gal now...and she's loving it!




In addition to Fran's decades as a West Coast DJ, radio producer, and writer, she was also a studio recording engineer, audio editor, and "Final Mix" artist. Many up-and-coming bands benefitted from her skills back in the day, but nowadays nothing brings her more joy than mixing the jumpin' gospel band and choir at Austin's oldest, continuously operating black church (est. 1865!).

Fran honed her chops on the industry-standard, 2-inch, 24-track recording tape of the '70s & 80s, before the emergence of digital recording in the early '90s. Today she runs a fully digital, broadcast quality studio in her home in the wooded hills above Austin, and provides multimedia consultation, design, and construction to Central Texas area churches and non-profits.


Full Albums, Single Songs, EPs, Demos,
Presentations, Corporate/Family Events


Mission Statements, Testimonials, Presentations,
Live Performance, Green Screen, Keying, Virtuality



Fran began shooting video shortly after beginning her radio career as a teenager in the 70s. At the time, two-inch video tape was the norm and field recording meant strapping what was basically a concrete block to your hip and balancing a ten pound camera on your shoulder! Over time, cameras and tape got smaller and smaller until nowadays you can shoot and edit 4k video on your cell phone!

Fran has an excellent eye for composition and edits on professional, industry standard Final Cut & Adobe Premiere. She shoots with Ultra-Hi-Definiton 4K, Sony cameras providing twice the resolution and four times the sharpness of standard HD, while delivering final products in whatever format you need, from Blu-Ray discs to mp4s for streaming online, to MOV and MXF for broadcast!




From Los Angeles freeway billboards to Lago Vista business cards... from Corporate and Small Business logos to top shelf photo restoration...from flyers to 28 page theatre playbills and ticket design, FranLand knows how to get you noticed!

We produced Lago Vista's first ever, full color, full bleed, 28 page, glossy stock Playbill for Lake Travis Music Theatre's production of 'South Pacific'.  We also sold all the advertising for this ground- breaking playbill so the whole project paid for itself and turned a profit! From tickets to flyers, posters to billboards, playbills to one-sheets, for print or web...or...or...


Motion Graphics & Animation are a compelling means by which to grab your viewer's attention, and Adobe After Effects is the industry standard for creating such content. Proficient in both After Effects and its predecessor, Flash, FranLand can produce content that will truly set your message apart from the crowd.

View this demo pack and see for yourself. All the content and animation can be produced in-house, saving you money, and our quick turnaround gets you online quickly. See what our Motion Graphics & Animation department can create for you!




When Fran's successful radio career ended it occurred to her the smart thing to do might be to return to college and learn how to take a lifetime of audio/video production and apply it to the then burgeoning new world of online streaming media.

It was a prudent choice indeed! She went on to spend ten years as a multimedia web developer for a Silicon Valley based, hi-tech, multi-national corporation, constantly learning the latest web-based media delivery protocols, and video production best practices for content delivery via broadcast or stream.

From a simple bitmap landing page, to a full-scale, multi-page, media rich website full of juicy GUI, let FranLand design and build your web presence today!



LagoRadio was a high quality stereo stream  of chart topping 60s, 70s & 80s hits available in your office, home, or car anywhere on the planet! If you were online you could listen to LagoRadio from Lago Vista to London, or Jonestown to Johannesburg!


LagoRadio was completely free and a perfect alternative for local businesses looking to save money on music services. Why pay for SiriusXM, Spotify or Pandora when locally-based LagoRadio was available absolutely free? And with a steady stream of "The Soundtrack of Our Lives", it was just hit after hit of everyone's favorites!

LagoRadio also broadcasted on an FCC licensed signal at 1670AM. Like many small, isolated communities across the country, we enjoy the benefit of a low-power radio station designed to serve the community in time of emergent need, ie: The Floods of 2018, Hurricane Harvey in 2017, or school and/or road closures due to storms, snow, or other activity.


The on-air broadcast, was an information only station (it did not play songs) which, when not broadcasting emergency info, served the community by announcing the many diverse events constantly being presented in the Lago Vista, Jonestown, Point Venture area, and with a signal reaching Cedar Park and Lakeway, blanketed the North Shore of beautiful Lake Travis.



          DON'T WAIT!

We are blessed and grateful for the countless measures of grace and mercy bestowed upon us since moving to our little Texas village. We focus primarily on non-profit ventures nowadays, (churches, theater groups, schools, etc), while also taking the occasional commercial contract that might look interesting or fun.

     If you need media, don't us today...

Thanks for writing...we'll be in touch.

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